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Launch Windows for 2015

ALL launches are subject to the NAR Model Rocket, High Power Rocket, Radio-Controlled Rocket Boosted Glider Rocketry safety codes (i.e. U.S. Model & High Power Rocketry Sporting Codes) AND our own Skybuster Launch Rules.

You do NOT need to be a Skybuster member to launch rockets with us. Members do enjoy reduced launch fees however as well as other benefits. For membership info click HERE.

Standard launch dates will be the FIRST WEEKEND, and THIRD WEEKEND of each month. Rescheduled dates are the SECOND WEEKEND & FOURTH WEEKEND of each month as needed. These dates may be changed however to accommodate holidays. We also have impromptu launches throughout the year. These may be to test new launch locations or for special events.

The launch location may vary from one launch to the next depending on field conditions and/or availability.


First Weekend Launches Third Weekend Launches
January January 17-or-18, 2009
February 7-or-8, 2009 February 21-or-22, 2009

If a launch is canceled or postponed for any reason, we make every attempt to notify everyone by e-mail. If you plan on attending a launch, please call one of the club officers the day of the launch to confirm. Remember, this is only a tentative schedule. Launch dates are variable due to weather, field availability, and other conditions. Most launches have FAA Waivers to 5,200 feet AGL.

To use Level 1, 2 or 3 motors (H thru M), a current NAR or Triploi card MUST be shown when paying launch fees. "All-Day Range Fees" are "Per Person" and apply to everything EXCEPT hybrid fees which are on a per flight basis. For the current launch fee schedule click HERE. These fees are in place to insure that all range equipment and supplies are maintained with the NAR Safety Code in mind. All persons launching must fill-out and hand-in to the LCO (Launch Control Officer) a flight data card before making each flight. These cards are provided at the time you pay your launch fee. You can also download a flight card by clicking HERE. We use these cards to write up launch reports and keep club stats.

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