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Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Assoc. (NOTRA, TRA #003)


Fellow Skybusters Chris Pearson, Barry "The DOC of LOC" Lynch and Martin Dorociak have reactivated TRA #003 as the Northern Ohio Tripoli Rocketry Association(NOTRA) Prefecture. NOTRA will be affiliated/associated with the Skybusters. Chris is the new Prefect. ANY and ALL questions concerning this new Tripoli club MUST be directed to him.

Membership Info

  • To join NOTRA, please contact the Prefect, Chris Pearson, at OR 440-449-2246. Membership in NOTRA includes membership in the Skybusters as well.

  • To download a NOTRA Membership Application click HERE


    At this time, NOTRA does not hold any launches on its own as it has no launch equipment or field. All NOTRA launches are held in conjunction with the Skybuster launches. So if the Skybusters are launching, so are we! If they are not, then neither are we. ALL launches will be held under NAR Safety Codes AND Skybuster Launch Rules. Skybuster Launch Fees apply as well. Under both organizations rules, Tripoli members are permitted to launch at NAR events. To launch high power rockets, a current membership card with the appropriate cert level from EITHER the NAR OR Tripoli MUST be shown.

    High Power Certifications

    Arrangements for Tripoli certification attempts MUST be made personally with the Prefect, Chris Pearson, in ADVANCE!! Chris is NOT always present at all launches. If you need him to be there, then you must make arrangements with him personally. His contact information is listed above under "Membership Info".

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  • To view the history of the Tripoli Rocketry Association click HERE

  • To view an explanation of "What is a Prefecture?" click HERE

  • To view the Tripoli High Power Rocketry Safety Code click HERE

  • To view the history of the Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships(LDRS) Launches click HERE

  • To view an open letter from Chris Pearson to all Tripoli and NOTRA members click HERE

    NOTRA Rocket Range Wear

    We now have a source for NOTRA t-shirts and hats. Please follow this link: OR click on the NOTRA Merchandise tab on the left hand side of this web page. Payment is easy with PayPal or credit card. Ordered items will be drop-shipped directly to you from Rocketees. Please visit the Rocketees home page for all sorts of other rocket range wear.

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